Las Vegas Business Contract Lawyers

When entering into a business contract, it is crucial to reduce your risks and maximize your benefits. At Ballard Rawson, Chartered, we know how businesses operate. Our Las Vegas attorneys have experience as in-house general counsel, which means we are familiar with the multitude of contracts and transactions that are necessary in today's business world. Many of our clients are from out of state and need assistance as they enter into agreements in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County.

We are committed to protecting our clients' interests as they enter into all types of agreements, including:

  • Vendor contracts
  • Operating agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Equipment leases
  • Software licenses
  • Licensing agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Equipment financing agreements
  • Business loans
  • Secured transactions
  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Advertising agreements
  • Material contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Employee incentive agreements or equity compensation plans
  • Contracts for the sale of goods and services

We have our clients' best interests in mind at all times as we diligently and efficiently draft customized contracts to meet their needs. Our lawyers also review existing contracts and provide advice for impending legal matters, as well as contract revisions as our clients' needs change. We have particular experience assisting with the numerous contracts and agreements that arise during the business startup phase.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed the results of standard, template business contracts all too often. Don't make this mistake. To discuss your company's unique needs with a Nevada attorney who has extensive business contract experience, call 702-425-2284 or email us. We offer free initial consultations.